WordPress Practice Blog


  1. Paste the text from WordPress Practice Blog into the body of the post.
  2. Follow the directions in the .doc (highlighted as comments)
  3. Set the featured image of your post to the “YikYakFounders” image.
  4. Add the tag “technology” to your blog post.
  5. Paste the first 2 sentences from the news story into the “excerpt” section.
  6. Embed this video to the end of your blog post.
  7. Publish your blog post.





Static Front Page

The “homepage” of your blog will consist of your multimedia projects. Here are the steps to make a static front page.

There are two steps critical to creating a static front page on your site with WordPress.

  1. Assign the Front Page
  2. Assign the Posts Page (blog page)



The Page assigned as the front page of the site will display the static information you wish readers to know —(your multimedia projects) .

Creating a Static Front Page


 Create a Front Page: In Pages choose Add New Page.

  • Title it “Home”.
    1. If the WordPress Theme offers an option to change the look and feel of the front page, select the Template in the Page Attributes panel box.
    2. Add content you would like to see within the content area of the static front page, or leave it blank if it is a Dynamic front page.
    3. Publish the Page.
  1. Create a Blog Page: If choosing to add a blog, choose Add New Page again.
    • Title it “Blog,” “News,” “Articles,” or an appropriate name.
      1. Do not use a custom Page template for this page. The template files home.php or index.php will be used to generate this page in the Theme.
      2. DO NOT add content. Leave it blank. Any content here will be ignored — only the Title is used.
      3. Publish the Page.

        Reading panel

  2. Go to Administration > Settings > Reading panel.
    • Set Front page displays to a static page
      1. In the drop down menu for Front Page select “Home.”
      2. In the drop down menu for Posts page select “Blog” or the name you created, or leave it blank if you will not feature posts on the site.
      3. Save changes.

While we are calling this a “static front page,” you may edit the content on that web page at any time by editing the “Home” Page.


Change WordPress Theme

To select a Theme for your site:

  1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
  2. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
  3. From the Themes panel, roll over the Theme thumbnail image for the Theme you are interested in to see options for that theme.
  4. You can view more information about any theme by clicking Theme Details.
  5. A live preview of any Theme (using your blog’s content) can be seen by clicking Live Preview.
  6. To activate the Theme click the Activate button.

Your selection will immediately become active.